I started as a twinkle in my Mom & Dad's eyes,
  like most of you!
   My Dad immigrated to America in the 1950's from England & still works 7 days a week as a veteranarian at age 92. He just became a citizen! He was waiting to see how the colonies worked out, as I tease him...
   So I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, the home of
The Burning River,  The Cuyahoga.
  Yes, despite the claim by many politicians that mankind does NOT effect the environment ,
when the river catches on FIRE, TWICE, HMM... well,    YES WE DO!
   I grew up like a 4-H kid, even in the suburbs of Cleveland, since Dad would wake me up at night to help on emergency Cesarians or whatever...
  I fought the Sempra coal plant planned for Jerome because it emits mercury that poison's kids. There is SO much mercury in fish Dr's now warn pregnant women & kids to limit the fish they eat to avoid too much mercury. They still recommend nutritious fish but now we poisoned God's gift we must be careful.
   Be clear I opposed Obama's CO2 Cap & Trade scheme.  Taxing CO2 only makes our bills higher! Regulations are needed but they need to make common sense. 
   I worked my way through college by the age of 19. The life lessons I learned in the Emergency Room, as a nurse's aide have stayed with me.
    I later went to Podiatric Medical School & worked on an Indian reservation in South Dakota 3 years where my first son was born.
   We moved to beautiful Twin Falls, Idaho in 1986 where my 2nd son was born. I felt on top of the world to be so lucky to raise my kids in beautiful Idaho! But then I found out we were being volunteered for Front Line nuclear duty with the SIS plutonium project at INL. 
   I jumped into those nuclear issues in 1988 when Idaho was told "INL was a clean site and there was nothing to clean up!" HMMM...
  The politicians claimed we were "lucky to get this SIS Plutonium Seperator. There is a plutonium shortage!" Hmmm, we had enough plutonium weapons to blow up the surface of the earth 10 times over so it was clear to me we were being lied to.
  So I formed a group with 4 local MD's & 4 citizens, including Republican Party TF chairman, Mark Stubbs. I vowed to stop this attempt to cluster ALL nuclear weapons & ALL nuclear energy dirty work in Idaho.  I called our citizen group
 Mark & I went to Washington DC to ask Sen Thurmond & Congressman Spratt to take the plutonium project for the jobs. Spratt then tabled the project! Hmm...
  The 1995 nuclear "Get The Waste Out" deal was the biggest lie in Idaho history. Fake news, fake politicians but the plutonium is REAL...
  I am "a man of means by no means" but I know how to save money & live frugally. I love to cook & eat simple, which is cheap for a bonus. I love meats but also eat my lawn's fresh organic dandelions, ha ha. I dip them in my homemade salad dressing. Dandelions are another of God's gifts most folks hate & poison. I would NEVER make a law telling YOU to eat them, LOL. But click here to read how they appear to heal & cleanse your liver & break cancer cells!
 More Vitamin C than oranges.
More potasium than bananas.
No tilling, no planting, no weeding!
  On March 11, 2011 modern "safe nuclear power exploded & melted down at Fukushima. INL speaker teams had always said to innocent Rotary Club meeting that mistakes were ALL in the past & nuclear power was safe. I have SO many documents on other serious contaiment flaws hidden deeply. I decided I should retire to focus on trying to send that info around to anyone & everyone who would hear, like the citizen activists around the country, who try to protect their families & neighbors....
   Skip to May 24th, 2013. I was up early making my usual big kettle of soup. You mainly taste chicken but I load EVERYTHING in there from beans to broccoli. You don't taste the fistful of dandelions I chop small, truly! 
   So about 9 am I heard a LOUD knock on my door & saw about 10 policemen with automatic weapons. As The Grateful Dead song goes, "If you got a warrent, I guess youre gonna come in...Truckin'..."
  We were all polite but Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's off to Jail I go... Sure, I know it's against the law to grow cannabis for your own use but LIVE FREE OR DIE EVERYDAY.
  I don't see in the Constitution where the Kings of Collusion can steal God's Gifts & steal your property for appreciating God's Gifts in aa way they find immoral for some reason. Genisis 1:29 where God provides EVERY SEED YOU NEED makes more sense to a heathen like me.  The Harvard Medical School evidence one side effect of cannabis is BREAKING CANCER CELLS. Oh MY! Heaven HELP US ! :-) Heaven has helped us. Help yourself or leave us in PEACE PLEASE 
  Judge how you want but I never sold ANY drugs to ANY body, so they eventually dropped the mandatory 2 year sentence & I served 30 days in jail.
   No apology from me, folks. I live everyday like I will have my real Judgement Day tomorrow. If you don't understand the difference between an outlaw & a real criminal, I bet you don't like everybody's brother, Willie Nelson.
     Your choice but your loss :-)
 So I pee'd in a cup for 3 years and never failed an alcohol or drug test. I had to pay about $50 K to The "Justice" system to keep my house & car.  But I knew the risk & it was my choice, so life goes on, eh? So reluctantly I put my house up for sale to live free in Oregon.  "Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" as Garth Brookes sings. I had a couple deals agreed to buy but their banks wouldn't lend them enough, But I was savoring my remaining days here anyway ....
    I was watching the Congress try to kill Obamacare & shaking my head at their lack of plans that would not hurt families.
    It dawned on me, at this moment, the whole country is watching the Republicans get in their circular firing squad to kill Obamacare, tired of their high bills & lack of coverage. 
    I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Why not try one more time to share why I have trying to get your attention to stop this insanity. 
    It doesn't cost any money to tell the truth. More folks are on the web now. Maybe it's just another nuclear waste train coming to run me over...
   I tried to talk myself out of it for a week but it just kept looking like it might work to help us all....
     I am independent but I am going to run in the Democrat Party. I was trying to think of a catchy label. I like to conserve clean air & clean water. I like tight budgets, so I am a conservative.
   I love freedom, WITH RESPONSIBILITY, so I am a liberal since I LOVE LIBERTY.
   I get a TON of SIMPLE ideas on how to hopefully help people, with common sense. 
   So with a TON of SIMPLE ideas,
please call me a SIMPLETON !
  Idaho's Favorite Felon !

Are we having
    FUN YET?

    My 2 boys...

   Proud to be

"Born in the USA" as da song goes...

Pic so old but I love the grins!

Howdy, here is a hasty bio but be clear NON of my policies suggested are about ME.

This is about US

  ALL of US!

   . . . Peter