MEANT  ALL ! ! !

     Most of the PLUTONIUM STAYS         over our

   water   supply,

   in a floodzone!

  We are told it is "clean" but I dug up   DOE documents          that warn            plutonium will  move with water!     That is NOT        supposed to  happen! HMM...

I contacted DOE's hidden expert, Dr Soderholm to make sure I understood.

 I double check my homework like that! Click to read

 The key quote is "For almost half a century, scientists have struggled with plutonium contamination spreading further in groundwater than expected, increasing the risk of sickness in humans and animals." HMM...

 That doesn't sound good at "ALL"!

 Are you mad yet?

  90% stays & only a tiny 10% of the dumped plutonium is leaving Idaho but your politicians claimed victory. It is treason to lie about serious threats to health & repeat those lies for decades.

  11 years after the "GET THE WASTE OUT"  LIE  one reporter FINALLY looked at my documents & asked WTF? 

  Our INL Watchdog is a Lapdog. She acts innocent despite my 11 yrs of hammering them! Oh gosh, THANKS for pointing out an       INNOCENT mistake, yet they repeat it today! BS!

When God Blessed Idaho there was NO Man-Made Plutonium     Over OUR WATER        

     WE CAN  Still


  It actually means           $15 BILLION in                         MORE JOBS


        since that

       seems to be


    They care about!

   The ongoing attempt to cluster nuclear power plants & weapons work in Idaho is now called Complex 21. That has been on delayed in name only. We can still stop this and I can show you how Nevada has fought back by using State Permit denials that Idaho has actually weakened! I am talking about your trusted Cecil Andrus & Larry EchoHawk!

  INL Union Leader Duane Allen supported my effort to stop Andrus & EchoHawk from stripping the nuclear accident analysis from YOUR State Air Quality permits!

That is why Lockheed gave EchoHawk $50K more than Batt! And Cecil got paid as a lobbyist to endorse the Fake deal! I wish I was wrong but I can prove it!



Let's talk  and

      let everyone

     see the truth .

 I showed my DOE documents to ALL, even Atty Gen Wasden but they refuse to help me help us ALL . HMM...

  Cyber-terrorism can meltdown nuclear power plants according to Homeland Security. When they say "safe" they literally mean they think they can evacuate our families & impound your crops before too many people get hurt!

   Idaho won't even get cheap electric power if Seattle is willing to pay more! The new power grid lines criss-cross at INL so they can export that dangerous nuclear power to the important city folks who won't allow these reactors in their neighborhoods!

  In 1970 The Federal Gov't promised Idaho they would stop dumping plutonium waste in trenches.    INL is where our water supply starts the huge underground aquifer that eventually pours out of the Snake River canyon walls at 1000 Springs in Hagerman.

  We tap that underground lake to spray & irrigate our crops.

  If plutonium-238 particles contaminate our water they can be inhaled  by our families and could cause cancer.

  If we demand the clean up we were promised it would mean MORE jobs for INL! 

   October 01, 2011  

   Idaho Falls, Post Register


Pushed by a Twin Falls anti-nuclear watchdog, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has changed its explanations of two agreements outlining the federal government’s responsibilities for cleaning up the Idaho National Laboratory site.

A sentence in the state’s synopsis of a 2008 agreement between the state and the federal government formerly stated that the U.S. Department of Energy must “remove most of the” radioactive waste buried at a disposal area on the INL site. That section now refers to “a specified amount” of the waste that must be removed.

The original wording was incorrect because the roughly 7,500 cubic meters of waste that must be removed represents only a small percentage of the disposal area’s buried waste.

Similarly, the state removed the word “all” from a sentence that described the amount of radioactive waste DOE must remove from Idaho.

The errors, which Twin Falls-based anti-nuclear activist Peter Rickards called “intentional,” simply were poor choices of words and not a deliberate attempt to mislead the public, said Susan Burke, the state’s INL oversight coordinator.

“It was a complete error on our part, and I’m happy (Rickards) pointed it out,” Burke said. “There’s no intent to put any misinformation out.”

Rickards isn’t satisfied. He demanded that the Department of Environmental Quality also recall a newsletter the agency published explaining the cleanup process and progress to date. The newsletter describes a series of court hearings in which the state and federal government butted heads over the meaning of “all.”

According to the newsletter, “Idaho prevailed” in those hearings and signed the 2008 agreement, a document that detailed which portion of the INL site’s buried waste the DOE must remove from Idaho.

Rickards said the newsletter’s claim that Idaho won its dispute with the federal government is inaccurate because the terms of the 2008 agreement don’t require the removal of 100 percent, or all, of the buried waste in question.

“There’s no way you can’t just call that a lie,”Rickards said. “It’s not just misleading. It’s a lie.”

Burke said the Department of Environmental Quality has no intention of recalling the newsletter. Even though the 2008 agreement didn’t require a 100 percent removal of buried waste, she said, Idaho nonetheless won its dispute with the federal government.