The DEQ actually THANKS me for the advice in the full original Pocatello news article! What BS, just like thanking me when a reporter finally asked DEQ why they claim ALL the buried plutonium was being removed, when 90% of it stays buried! 

 Did you know Cecil Andrus & Senator McClure & Marc Johnson got their first lobbyist job selling Idahoans the lie of getting ALL the buried plutonium out, for a measly $165/hour? Read the truth below please.

  They fight me with lies, then if a timid reporter finally asks why Rickards is correcting their lies, they pretend it is all new information and THANK me. Then they continue to do their dirty work. The timid reporters have yet to ask twice while the lying continues.

      Our politicians are just like the Nazi Goebble's infamous statement about their propoganda, "If you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the TRUTH."  HMMM, yes, but hell no it doesn't make plutonium go away...