I Want to

  Blend the Best

of Private Practise & Canadian style      MEDICARE FOR


   No one goes            BANKRUPT &           HOMELESS

   from a disease

   that can strike

     ANY of US


    We do have                 National Healthcare for all now, in a sense. We don't turn away a poor stroke victim at the ER anymore


It is SO cheap to take a poor man's blood pressure!

 The Silent KILLER If blood pressure goes untreated & causes a stroke or kidney failure you may need a lifetime in a nursing home. We ALL pay the high cost!  Well, unless you have a tax loophole... 

  A premature baby can be saved with what Drs learn in OUR tax supported schools. They have researched great cures but WHO has $300K from their GOP savings taxbreak? The $187K A DAY CEOs who never help a patient do! Hmm...

  If we SERVED

The Lowest Among    US would WE              SUFFER ?

  Not from what I         Read in a Book            About a                      Carpenter... 

 No family in Canada goes bankrupt & homeless from a disease like cancer that could strike ANY of US!.

This is  work in progress, just like me! Best viewed on laptop for balanced location of clickers &

words but my Gulf War views flow in longer form below after first mention of the NRA...

When my Mom moved to Idaho it was hard to find a new Dr in Boise for her.

  Dr's refusing Medicare patients! Some too busy for ANY new patients.

  So let's work with Supply & Demand.

 Double the number   of Dr's & nurses.  Right now 4.0 students get turned away from the limited slots for medical school.

  If we have a lot of Dr's they may compete to be your friendliest Doctor

IF you have CHOICES!

  They come out some $300K in debt & work like slaves now

 Let's pay their tuition in exchange for 10 years of a good salary in our present hospitals with

FREE care for YOUR FAMILY when they need help with pain.

I don't really mean "free". You DO pay taxes that could easily fund ALL OUR Healthcare if not squandered. 

 If we cut the whoreperations greedy profit, cut the waste of the unwinnable Drug Wars, stopped paying EXPENSIVE INSURANCE policies that cover only part of your pain when you need ALL of your pain relieved... 

  Well, Do the Math!

 Better yet, why not ask your politicians to request a CBO analysis? If they refuse, just smile & put your name on the ballot for $300 dollars. Let's take OUR country back from the political prostitues & the pimps they call lobbyists !

    Just a thought...

No asking for money

No new Party . . .

  Just independent  citizens within the  framework of the 2  Parties, with a smile             &  LOVE  !


 End prohibition &

 End abusive greed.  Talk to each to find      common ground.                          Let's

   Trash the Temple

              of the

     Money Lenders                   PEACEFULLY

             Let's be

     Party Crashers                    Lets become


        & reverse the                  whorepartions              unlimited money               orgy called

     Citizens United !

    Ahh, I am a pipe                  dreamer...

   So back to trying to encourage choice & competition with Drs

   If they want to go                   PRIVATE

     Then they Can 

  That way we won't be stuck in a VA type Nightmare of Delays that are killing some       Veterans who               Deserve the BEST !

             Donald                            You Promised                       Veterans                             Vouchers

           Good idea!                Where is the Money                to provide

         SWIFT RELIEF?

 Too Busy Tweeting?

  Exhausted Golfing?

           VETS   ARE



               You said

                 No Cuts                            Care for ALL

Then you tried to sell cuts for millions like           Wall St Wolfs                          giving                               AAA ratings


          Toxic Loans 

     Then you tried to              "Just Repeal"

so you could brag to your crowds of well intended fellow Americans.

  I know these people          They are NOT                      DEPLORABLE                           Hillary

They "cling to their guns and religion" for very good reasons  Barrack

Guns ARE for hunting  Guns let a tiny woman turn a rapist from a rooster to a hen in ONE shot               And despite sad mentally disturbed Radical Christian Terrorists like Timothy McVey               Guns ARE for citizens to stop an out of control fascist government !

Smart phone folks please see sad history to your left here down...

   Most of the people                who

             don't                                understand

   that usually fear                    Trump

        is a  fascist

          See how





IF Trump goes from telling Police to rough up people in handcuffs to rounding up critics like his buddy Putin?                 THE

            SECOND                            AMENDMENT

        is the one that                      Protects


               Other                            Amendments

            Like the

  Free Speech I LOVE

    When I ran for Congress to try to stop the plutonium incinerator & ALL, my Postman asked me to read his NRA book.         NRA, we do need to close the Gun Show loophole because ISIS knows it too           So "SURE!"  I read it gladly to look for flaws, like I do these DOE documents!

But I had to agree with the logic & data   God gave us Free Will  All God's Gifts can be USED OR ABUSED             If an idiot drives drunk, we don't ban ALL cars When Hillary patronized the poor Sandy Hook parents demanding we legislate for them to sue the gun makers you lost my vote Hillary.

 I cry for them & ALL        The increasing death of innocent victims is SO SAD...         Back to the NRA book... It pointed out an rag tag armed population can RESIST a high tech fascist Russia !

    NRA pointed to Osama Bin Laden!            ( who we trained )  NRA bragged Afghanistan was never able to be defeated!


      Good Point!

          Bubba                                Meet Abdul !

     Mere politics?

Or MIRROR politics? Y'all look sorta the same to ME.

    You BOTH seem to be willing to die for your homeland.

    So can we talk a bit             PLEASE?    

      We  are  ALL 



The Best We Can With The Information WE HAVE .                              I don't have the life experience of Jared... But if we walked in each others shoes for a mile, I honestly think it is a communication problem and a RESPECT problem.

   First, I love ALL religions.  You are ALL welcome to marry into my family !

  You are ALL

    Welcome to LIVE

in MY neighborhood! My Jewish friends have wonderful medical centers in Israel, if you watched Dr Gupta to see. Palestinians make GREAT Drs too but the facilities are not as modern.  If you read my autoimmunity page you will see our wars have caused elevated MS rates in Arabs. Elevated brain cancer & ALS (Lou Gehrig's) in US soldiers.

We need to have a TRUCE so ALL Doctors can provide needed care for you ALL . . .

SOONER THAN LATER We need you ALL to think like the brave DOCTORS WITHOUT                BORDERS  

At least 30 days                       PLEASE . . .


Some important points media often distorts you ALL need to KNOW.

   In NO WAY am I trying to justify any violence.

The sad 9 / 11  date is used because 9/11/1922 is the date England colonized Palestine. Almost all borders in what we call the Mid East are drawn by European Nations like England so they are resented by those who live there.

   After World War Two, Jewish people who were so persecuted by White Supremacist Hitler White nations gave Israel to the wonderful Jewish people.

 That land was NOT our land to give away. Imagine if the UN came into America & enforced the first Indian Treaty that OUR Government SIGNED. We GAVE the Indians EVERYTHING west of the Mississippi!

   So UN soldiers on YOUR corner giving your land back to the Indians you have a written contract with?

  Bubba's got GUNS!           Bubba BOOM !                   BUBBA BYE !

     USA! USA! USA!

  More than just three great religions blossomed in this Holy Land. We MUST find Peace with Respect to honor God's blessings by sharing them, not by force ANYMORE. We all understand the need to fight & defend our homeland. But it is killing us ALL to try to be the ONLY religion in Power. We need Doctors of ALL faiths to work together. Mr Assad. No more barrel bombs & mustard gas on children who know not what their fathers do. We need to let the young Arab spring people from all over to share their ideas energy & talents. ONE PERSON ONE VOTE. LETS TALK NOT BOMB. EARN your leadership role by having the BEST IDEAS not the brutal weapons that maim children.

  The word ISLAM means SURRENDER.

Not to be a pacifist but to surrender your personal greed, for the love of GOD, to act like God would act.

   I am asking ISIS & Al Qaeda, Hezbollah & ALL to surrender your so-called Fatwa. Earn your power with votes. I understand why you fight but you are killing more innocent Muslims than anyone. From the ISLAMICSUPREMECOUNCIL.ORG "The Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “Whoever gives fatwā without knowledge, the angels of the heaven and the earth curse him." Second, if he is so qualified, the fatwā remains non-binding, applying only to those choose to accept and wish to enforce it."                          Israel, you do allow Arabs to vote & hold office but they must agree it is a Jewish nation.  US media distorts Ahmadinejad mocking US claim to stand for democracy. He is saying If we all voted we would redraw the borders of Israel, and it would be wiped off the map. That is a one man one vote statement that is used to beat the drums of the weapons makers for more military spending.

   But Ahmadinejad, you are lying when you say there are NO GAY PEOPLE in Iran! STOP killing Gay People in the name of God !

  My suggestion is WE ask Doctors Without Borders to moderate a truce for at least 30 days.

 Let's start 30 days from the Eclipse !

 Let the UN start real talks for how we can    to help the healing begin. Think if God would be pleased if we try 30 days of peace.

      Think About


         ONE VOTE

          ONE LOVE


    Maybe we can try ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE after that . . .

     That sounds

GOOD FOR ALL OF US . . .                          

If we served the lowest among us would WE SUFFER?           Sorta the opposite from what I read about a carpenter.


Allow competitive cost saving importing of medicines & generics.

Sorry my website is a work in progress, just like I am  :-)

I asked my congressman republican Mike Simpson, to ask for an official CBO budget cost analysis of 4 proposals sketched out below that I think will save us money. I reach out to Mike, like I reach out to ALL. I am running as an independent IN the democrat primary. People before party!

But the basic outline of the 4 BILLS is:

1) Analyze the savings & economic benefits of excluding the $187K pay per day CEO's that rewarded  Barack Obama for giving them a mandated monopoly, forcing YOU to buy expensive insurance, with his $400K payday for a "speech".  HMM... 

Shame on YOU, Mr. Obama!

And on that note, Nancy Pelosi, when you say "We won't know what Obamacare says until AFTER we pass it," you are ignorant & irresponsible. Shame on you!

   CBO, please subtract the approximate $10K per year the average American family pays to these $187K per day CEO POS's get, with ALL due respect. In "The Good Old Days" these predators would spend their day making sure they cut off medical help to anyone who cost them profit. 

   Trump, Ryan, Mitchell tried to sweetly "just repeal" with no consensus & NO CLUE how to replace it. If these idiots give the predator CEO's 30 days without the ban Obamacare provided, if you have nerve damage tremors from Multiple Sclerosis, rest assured, the CEO's will have an extra martini at lunch to forget you...

2) Analyze my plan to try to avoid ONETHINK monotone repressive VA style delays by following supply & demand laws. How about we subtract the lawsuit nightmare that raise malpractise insurance, thus forcing excessive testing expenses.

   Now we have lower cost care so the lawyer predators can't charge for the truly unfortunate accident victim's medical bills. Tort reform is needed. Be sure to subtract the crazy LONG TERM CARE insurance payments many people make, hoping they get coverage when old.

    When the Fire Dept comes to a fire, your neighbors don't need to stress if only 80% of your home is covered. I'll have to recheck, but seems to me  folks don't get Medicaid help until you sell your house & go bankrupt. Now trump ryan & mitchell, who promised no cuts, tried to sell that cowpile like it were a gold nugget. Still looks like Bull Shit to me donald.

      Sorry paper pushers

         Get a real job.

3) Americans buy about $100 Billion worth of illegal drugs each year. We spend similar to fight it & jail it.

   Please compare how Magic Valley wineries add tax dollars by employees & sales.

   What if Each States farmers grew the consumed cannabis & opium? Please subtract the law enforcement costs and medical bills of those injured, now privately paid. Please subtract the medical bills at each state's ERs from the gun violence that prohibition Drug Wars CAUSE

 4) What would be the benefit of the roughly $15 BILLION promised clean up of ALL the damn plutonium dumped over our water. What would be the loss if our water was contaminated?

   Please add the jobs for guarding & inspecting that waste ABOVE ground. I see families in theSouth near Savanah River Site are fighting the broken promises of plutonium removal.

  Please subtract the lawsuit costs of States like Washington downwinder diseases prompted.  Please subtract the money funded from middle class folks in Idaho taxes to compensate the heroic First Responders at the 9/11 who STILL stuggle to pay their medical bills. Why not give them the tests & treatment they NEED instead of bailing out those poor Blue Cross CEO's who have suffered SO badly from their forced monopoly Democrats were rewarded for by their lobbyists?

   Would that COST TOO MUCH? 

Here is the email I sent Mike for his heads up & hope he would help FYPerusal...

 Hi Mike,
I was watching the healthcare stalemate & had an idea. I tried to talk myself out of it but it's so simple it may work to enhance our countries lack of communication.
Please watch Captain Christ & his group of prosecutors & judges from LEAP. He talks tough common sense.
Please watch Dr Gupta explain why 76% of Dr's want to prescribe medical marijuana TODAY like they did in 1943.
So I asked CBO to analize 4 bills while you are on vacation & CBO is idle. 
  I REALLY want this done by you & Congress, in September, not by me next year. But more folks are on the web, so let's gitt'er done.
I will ask YOU to officially ask CBO. I like to help so here is CBO url my friend..
I am still typing my CBO bills but wanted to give you a heads up, so you hopefully won;t be defensive, but have time to agree.
But I want to blend private & full natl HC. The VA nightmare is real. So I say double the # of med students & nurses. Pay their tuition for 10 years of public health service. After ten they can stay or go private. Rich folks can get a massage at their private Drs whille waiting maybe, if there is choice & competition.. Let's crunch the numbers & do the math.
  PLEASE check the autoimmunity page. Like I said at the 2004 Idaho Downwinder hearing, the real damage feds did to Idaho & ALL Americans is grounds for a huge lawsuit against ourselves! Nobody won & we're still paying. Trump may mini-nuke Lil' Kim since he & all are so ignorant of the damage he will do to his own family. I'll talk ANYTIME ...Peter




SADDAM & Donald Rumsfeld & Bush's Were Buddies! Please click to see the PNAC dream we fight for.